JHealth invests in pre-med and public health undergraduates through leadership training, public health advocacy and community service to inspire value-driven careers in healthcare.

JHealth is a program of Hillel at Emory and is made possible through the support of the Tritt and Oppenheimer Families and supporters of the Campus Superstar 2009 “Gives Back” campaign. With their vision and support, JHealth is investing in pre-med and public health students through leadership training, public health advocacy, and community service, to inspire future values-driven healthcare professionals. The program was piloted in 2006 with a one-time grant from Hillel International through the Everett Family Tzedek Initiative. The Tritt & Oppenheimer families have established a dedicated fund to ensure that this program continues year after year.


  • Gain insight into real life experience and access to successful healthcare and community leadership
  • Access critical knowledge you cannot learn in the classroom
  • Build close relationships with classmates and community leaders
  • Be part of an exclusive club of veteran, new, and future healthcare, public health and community leaders
  • Exclusive Encounters

There will be three roundtable dinner meetings per semester with Jewish leaders in healthcare, who will discuss their career paths, public health policy issues, and views of civic and Jewish responsibility.